Time To Really Live Free

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I thought and believed, for most of my Christian walk, I was living “free in Christ”.  Until one day, for the umpteenth time, God asked me to read about the adulterous woman thrown at his feet.  Have you ever wondered how in the world Jesus could tell the adulterous woman to “go and sin no more”?  I have, for years, because my life did not line up with what he was telling her to do.  I still “sinned”; which led me to beat myself up, and not love parts of myself.  What I had learned and been taught in the church was not working anymore…I was tired.  I was exhausted from trying so hard to perform for God, others and myself.  God was getting ready to change my “core beliefs” from what I had learned for years in the church as “truth” to “his truth”.

I never thought the answer to my question would come at such a price nor take four years of unwinding my core beliefs and writing a book to get there.  The answer did come though and is inside this book. I am so excited to share part of the road I traveled, which led me to the answer.  Some of this book will be “AHA!” moments for you or you might find yourself saying “I always believed this within myself, but couldn’t put it into words”.  God desires and invites us to clearly see him as he sees us and to know him as he knows us. (1 Corinthians 13:12)  He also wants us to learn who we really are in him.  I am hoping through this book, like me, you also will find your freedom in Christ because it is time to really live free.

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DARLENE!!!!!! So so so so good!!!! I’m not going to give it away……Chapter 14 is the perfect icing on the cake!!! This world needs the understanding and freedom in Time To Really Live Free!!!

Melanie Prinz

…Thank you so much for Chapter 6. I have been tripping on this for a long time, about how I prayed over people wrongly…your word that the Lord said it is covered and finished gave me great freedom and peace.

Todd Prinz

I have enjoyed this book, all most finished with it. Can not wait to get the paperback. I recommend this book to anyone, thank you Jesus for Darlene Gaston.

Carolyn Bean

This book is soul transforming. What you have done Darlene can only come straight from the heart of God. Thank you for obeying him. You are a shackle breaker. I’m reading this book with my son as we take a journey in pulling spiritual…

Dayna Small

Solid teaching straight from the heart of God!  I have always heard that God’s Grace is so simple. Reading this book will help you to better understand that. God’s Grace is simple. And it’s truly yours no matter what. Such great revelation and freedom.

Sally Martinez

God used Darlene’s book to help me tear down the wall, confront and work through past hurts caused by a church and other Christians, and rebuild my relationship with him.

Sarah Roggensack

Wish I had a hundred copies to hand out to people.

Jackie Kemple

Want to live free in Christ? This book is a must read.

Deanna Gray

Stayed up late reading it.

Tera Larson

Looking forward to “part 2”. Your first book is amazing! I am reading it again.

Sarah Robertson

Time to Really Live Free is eye-opening and enlightening.

Genevieve Clayton